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Resources For Learning

Website Development

Knowing how to make websites is a skill I think everyone should have a grasp on. Building a site is simple if you break it down to its core concepts and build up. Here are some courses and videos that explain concepts in the order I think you should learn them.

Machine Learning / Computer Vision

I've been interested in computer vision for a while now. Writing features to detect scenes using OpenCV is the conventional way of writing computer vision applications. In recent years, however, machine learning techniques have surpassed many of the traditinally hand coded feature detection created using OpenCV. The industry still widely uses OpenCV, but it is clear Machine Learning is the way to go going forward. I have found it helpful though to learn OpenCV because the computer is learning which features to write. Many of the features are similar to concepts in OpenCV like "edge detection" and thus help you to understand your machine learning application. Here are the courses I have found useful in my quest to utilize this emerging technology. The courses and videos are not a particular order